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Simply E470 MONOLOCK®
Volume : 47 liters
Max load : 3 kg.
Helmet(s) : 1
Dimension : 331 X 425 X 555 mm
    Do you need a sizeable case for your motorcycle? It’s difficult to compete with the E470 case. This case brings to 47 litres the maximum inner space offered in the MONOLOCK® range. Aesthetically ‘’perfect’’ and adaptable to low and medium powered motorcycles, E470 offers the novelty of the cover mounted on the top shell-which can be replaced for a better personalisation. An aesthetic refinement, which was so far exclusive to the MONOKEY® range (V46). The wide reflector on both top shell sides increases the ride safety after twilight.
    Note: Comes with a plate and universal fitting kit.
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076-T502T502 Removable inner bag$ 86.99
076-SL101SL101 Security lock 1 barrel 2 keys$ 31.99
076-SL102SL102 Security lock 2 barrels 4 keys$ 52.99
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