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WARNING!!! Please take note that the inventory is updated once a day therefore inventories shown may not be accurate. Please do not hesitate to contact us for availability.
Welcome to the GIVI.CA website.

This is not a web site where you can make purchases, but rather a tool developed by Importations Thibault Ltd to allow the dealer and the consumer to easily find and select the accessories available for a specific model of motorcycle.

In addition, Importations Thibault Ltd has entered all products available from GIVI in this site. Feel free to visit every section to see the wide variety of products. You're sure to find some very useful items that will enhance the appearance of your bike.

The shopping list allows you to remember all of the products you want. In every section of this site, you will find a small icon that allows you to add items to your shopping list. At all times, you can look at it and, if needed, print it. Practical when you show up at your dealer !

The "For your motorcycle" section, shows you all the items specifically made for the selected motorcycle. A quick way to select your accessories !
This section allows you, in a few easy steps, to install one, two or three suitcases on your bike depending on what GIVI has developed.

You cannot make a mistake or select the wrong mounting system.

In addition, the system will remember your settings during the time of your visit. So you can retrieve information on suitcases or mounting systems and come back to your configuration with a single click.

Throughout the site you will see, near the product, an icon identifying whether it is in stock or not.

Indicates that the product might be in stock in the Importations Thibault Ltd warehouse. It is advised that the retailler contact Importations Tbibault to make sure it is available.

Indicates that the product is out of stock, not in inventory at the present time.