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Maxia E52 MONOKEY®
Volume : 52 liters
Max load : 10 kg.
Helmet(s) : 2
Dimension : 315 X 447 X 593 mm
The Maxia E52 comes with an innovative opening/detaching system which can be operated with only one hand. The dual brake light system and the quality of the finish and components, make it handy, sporty and elegant all at the same time. With a capacity of 52 liters it is available in 2 versions : black embossed and painted.
Ref.No ITLDescription$   
A076-Z106Latch$ 12.99/1pcs
E076-Z109Bolt spring$ 4.99/1pcs
H076-Z129Maxia sticker$ 7.99/1pcs
Y076-Z133Steel sliding plate$ /1pcs
AF076-Z134Handle plate$ 11.99/1pcs
076-Z168Push button spring$ 4.99/1pcs
AE076-Z19578mm hinge peg$ 8.99/1pcs
B076-Z206Push button$ 12.99/1pcs
K076-Z218NBlack rear bands$ 24.99/1pcs
J076-Z223Reflector$ 23.99/2pcs
N076-Z229Givi logo chromed$ 7.99/1pcs
W076-Z234AAcetelic latch$ 4.99/1pcs
Z076-Z234BAcetelic latch (B)$ 4.99/1pcs
G076-Z276Name holder$ 3.99/1pcs
D076-Z286Plexiglas name plate$ 8.99/1pcs
I076-Z297140mm hinge peg$ 7.99/1pcs
F076-Z367NReplacement handle$ /1pcs
C076-Z368NBlack hinge$ 32.99/1pcs
AA076-Z590RMedium pin$ 4.99/1pcs
AH076-Z611Black nylon button$ 3.59/1pcs
AJ076-Z613NClosing tab$ 6.69/1pcs
L076-Z616Reflector on handle$ 6.69/1pcs
076-Z616CSilver reflector on handle$ /1pcs
M076-Z617Upper reflector$ 7.99/1pcs
O076-Z626White Screen$ 4.99/1pcs
X076-Z628Black lock plate$ 8.99/1pcs
AB076-Z630Sphere$ 3.99/1pcs
AC076-Z631Cylinder spring$ 3.59/1pcs
AD076-Z632RTorsion spring$ 3.99/1pcs
AG076-Z634Spring for handle$ 4.99/1pcs
076-Z682NReplacement lock set$ 101.99/1pcs
AI076-Z72304x23mm pin$ 4.99/1pcs
Ref.No ITLDescription$   
T076-Z115Stop cord$ /5pcs
R076-Z159Bag lock seal$ 9.99/1pcs
Q076-Z160Inner document holder$ 17.99/1pcs
V076-Z338Maxia Pass-belt$ 3.99/1pcs
U076-Z339Stop cord button$ 4.59/1pcs
P076-Z633Spare elastic belt$ 17.99/1pcs
S076-Z684CSatin trim$ 51.99/5pcs
Replacement keys
Ref.No ITLDescription$   
AK076-Z661Complet key set$ 27.99/3pcs
076-Z661GBlank key$ 12.99/1pcs