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Suitcase replacement parts :
Volume : 46 liters
Max load : 10 kg.
Helmet(s) : 2
Dimension : 320 X 430 X 565 mm
    Once again givi will surprise the most demanding motorcyclists with this new case, boasting an ultramodern design and developed using the latest innovative concepts. The wide reflector, a new opening system and the central cover on the case top shell which can be selected to coordinate with the colour of your motorcycle, set this case apart from the rest. The new opening system has a primary push button for the opening of the top shell and a secondary button for the unlocking of the case from the plate; these operations are extremely simple, even when wearing gloves and using only one hand. The interchangeable ABS cover enables you to coordinate the V46 case to the colour of your motorcycle and is an extremely simple and quick to replace. Having a capacity of 46 litres, the case can comfortably hold two full-face helmets and is ideal for mid/long range touring.
Ref.No ITLDescription$   
A076-Z106Latch$ 12.99/1pcs
B076-Z109Bolt spring$ 4.99/1pcs
C076-Z229Givi logo chromed$ 7.99/1pcs
P076-Z640RPlate below lock$ 11.99/1pcs
J076-Z641NBlack hinge$ 17.99/1pcs
O076-Z641NM2Lock set$ 52.99/1pcs
H076-Z644Opening push button$ 11.99/1pcs
D076-Z645Push button red$ /1pcs
E076-Z731Left/right top case reflector$ 24.99/2pcs
F076-Z732Central top case reflector$ 12.99/1pcs
G076-Z734Bend rear central left / right$ 59.99/4pcs
I076-ZV45V46 logo$ 5.99/1pcs
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K076-Z112Stop cord Button$ 5.99/1pcs
L076-Z160Inner document holder$ 17.99/1pcs
M076-Z285Inner elastic belt$ 18.99/1pcs
N076-Z599Nylon stop cord$ 4.99/1pcs
Replacement keys
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076-Z661GBlank key$ 12.99/1pcs