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Suitcase replacement parts :
TRK52 Trekker MONOKEY®
Volume : 52 liters
Max load : 10 kg.
Helmet(s) : 2
Dimension : 460 X 600 X 315 mm
    Available in three versions, with a capacities of 52LT (TRK52), 46 LT (TRK46) and 33 LT (TRK33), the new TREKKER case are the best solution for the bikes equipped with exhaust pipes only on one side. Buy affixing the smaller bag to the side with the exhaust pipe, and the larger on the other, in many cases you can solve the issue of asymmetry (a problem that you might find using traditional side bags). Thanks to special selectors placed inside the bags, you can convert each version to either to fully open the entire lid or only the uppermost smaller opening (very practical for quickly accessing items from the bag, avoiding any ill timed spilling the whole contents). Elaborately trimmed in steel foil, these bags are not necessarily specific to just enduro bikes, they can also be a luxurious accessory on the elegant ones.
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D076-Z1782RBolts and springs$ 9.99/1pcs
E076-Z191Push button spring$ /1pcs
A076-Z2202RBlack plastic frame$ 39.99/1pcs
B076-Z22110XCRAluminium cover$ /1pcs
G076-Z4513RPlate below lock$ 4.99/1pcs
F076-Z590RMedium pin$ 4.99/1pcs
076-Z641N52MHinge mounting block$ 55.99/1pcs
C076-Z645CRPush button$ 13.99/1pcs
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J076-Z2170RSpare elastic belt$ 17.99/1pcs
H076-Z3220RGasket$ 13.99/1pcs
I076-Z599Nylon stop cord$ 4.99/1pcs
Replacement keys
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K076-SL101Complet key set$ 31.99/3pcs