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Suitcase replacement parts :
Keyless E41 MONOKEY®
Volume : 41 liters
Max load : 10 kg.
Helmet(s) : 2
Dimension : 433 X 290 X 575 mm
    Alongside the unbeatable practicality of the exclusive MONOKEY® open/release system, today GIVI research offers the new innovative KEYLESS® device. The supplementary lid with combination opening (no key needed) represents an extremely simple and revolutionary system because it is particularly useful for putting away or taking out small or medium sized objets without having to open the main cover and displace all its contents.
Ref.No ITLDescription$   
C076-Z106Latch$ 12.99/1pcs
G076-Z109Bolt spring$ 4.99/1pcs
U076-Z1238Latch mecanism$ 5.99/1pcs
I076-Z148MHinge with lock$ 31.99/1pcs
076-Z168Push button spring$ 4.99/1pcs
J076-Z19578mm hinge peg$ 8.99/1pcs
M076-Z200GIVI logo$ 8.99/1pcs
E076-Z217Push button$ 12.99/1pcs
H076-Z236Single hinge spring$ 12.99/1pcs
T076-Z277Plate below lock$ 7.99/1pcs
D076-Z312Hinge plate$ /1pcs
F076-Z314Hinge$ 12.99/1pcs
K076-Z405Name holder$ 3.99/1pcs
A076-Z41CDXSMRight shell$ 136.99/1pcs
A076-Z41CSXSMLeft shell$ 136.99/1pcs
B076-Z533Left / Right flasher$ 14.99/2pcs
S076-Z545Round medal chromed$ /1pcs
L076-Z548Keyless logo$ 8.99/1pcs
Ref.No ITLDescription$   
R076-Z112Stop cord Button$ 5.99/1pcs
O076-Z285Inner elastic belt$ 18.99/1pcs
P076-Z599Nylon stop cord$ 4.99/1pcs
Q076-Z726Bag seal$ 8.99/1pcs
Replacement keys
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076-Z1382Set of 5 locks & 10 identical keys$ 89.99/1pcs
076-Z140Set of 1 lock & 2 identical keys$ /1pcs
076-Z227Set of 2 lock & 4 identical keys$ 45.99/1pcs
076-Z228Set of 3 lock & 6 identical keys$ 58.99/1pcs